Quantum Healing

Welcome to iluminarya, a higher dimensional space where light illuminates the heart and soul of all who enter.

I invite you to join me on a quantum journey of exploration and transformation into the 5th Dimension and beyond. We will discover heart-based ways of living and being. We will come to understand how the Universe works and our part in it, leading us to our highest potential.

Information that is empowering and illuminating will light our way forward as we prepare for the shift of the ages on our beloved Gaia. Our journey will take us to other lifetimes of higher learning and self-discovery, helping us to understand that we are more than we appear to be.  Most of all, you will be woven into a tapestry of love, as you learn that we are all of one family of light and creation that is ever expanding.

Please click on any of the following links to learn about the types of quantum healing available to assist you on your soul journey:

Soul Healing with QHHT and BQH
Consciousness Coaching
Intuitive Vibrational Healing

You may contact me directly through email at arya@iluminarya.com.

May love always illuminate your path,