Events / Contact


The Calendar of Events includes all gatherings for guided group hypnosis, seminars, and classes. You may view the lay out in monthly blocks or as a list. To inquire about any of the scheduled events, please email Paula at

Some venues have limited space, and pre-registration may be required.

Booking a Quantum Healing session

A typical QHHT session requires 4-6 hours to complete; occasionally longer. QHHT sessions are always done in person. I live in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada.

BQH sessions may be done in person or online via Zoom. They typically take a minimum of 3 hours.

If you have any queries feel free to contact me. All pre-session consultations are, of course, free of charge.


To inquire about any of the scheduled events or Quantum Healing services, please email me at Also, by clicking on the icons on the left of this and other pages you can connect to my Twitter and YouTube accounts, and follow me if you wish.

All events and Quantum Healing services are offered on a gratitude donation basis.