Sample Sessions

La Luminista 034 – The Powerful Influence of Colour

The client discusses the nuance and purpose of colour within the universe. We learn that each colour has it’s own energetic signature that may be used to influence and amplify other energetic systems. He describes how colour is used as a medicine to enhance and bring wholeness to the human […]

La Luminista 032 – A Magical Crystalline Fairy World

The client finds herself as a fairy, in a magical crystalline landscape very much like Earth, but on a higher dimensional frequency. As she interacts with flowers, a unicorn, and a beautiful mountain stream, she learns that everything has a place, function and order to it. She also discovers that […]

La Luminista 030 – A wise tree speaks

The client is surprised to discover that she is a tree. She is reminded of the importance of her own inner strength. We learn about the connection and communication that trees have with each other and with Mother Earth. The tree explains the best technique for grounding.

La Luminista 027 – Conversation with the Andromedans

I was approached by a group of Andromedans who were eager to communicate. My client, who is a pure channel, facilitated the exchange. The Andromedans asked me about ways to accelerate karmic resolution and awakening within younger souls. In fact, they wanted more than my advice.