The Current Game Of Snakes And Ladders

The current situation on your planet is very much like your childhood game of Snakes and Ladders. You might even consider it to be a 3D virtual reality version of this game, with all of its twists and turns. You may feel that you are moving steadily along and up […]

We are the Changemakers!

I received an image of an army of angels marching into battle. They were all dressed with breastplates and armour. I sensed a great and focused determination, duty and honour. The warrior angels are here with us. We have nothing to fear. We are the changemakers! It is our rite […]

Channeling To The Non-Believers

What else is it that you are waiting for? The voice of God to boom through the ethers? Open your eyes! All three of them! Do you not yet see? Take the blinders to truth off of your being. Take the shackles from your brain. It is here! In this […]

Loving Without Conditions

You would say that we often love too much. Is that a possibility? Only when it endangers our own spiritual path and development. If we give ourselves over to love conditionally. That we want the other to change, to be different to suit our own needs, our own choices, our […]

Lady Amethyst

We’re very encouraged at your wanting to know more, learn more. But why is it that you travel just a few steps, part way up the mountain of your dreams, and then stop? You stall yourself at the foundation of the mountain, when there is so much more. You know […]

The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective

This is the time of community, of coming together, hearts entwined. Standing as one in a vision of light, love and all that is. The coming times are recluse against what is to be. Pull together, ignite your inner flame. Bring community together. Pool your resources, and go back to […]