Author: LaLuminista

La Luminista 043 – Atlantis: The Blueprint of Bliss

We are in Atlantis at the time of its maximum splendour and the height of its wisdom. All that is blissful and beautiful centres around the children. They are key to preserving the connection with Source. Nurturing them in a loving manner is the way to ensure the perpetual harmony […]

La Luminista 040 – The Great Shift & Solar Flash Event

The client experiences the solar flash event. He describes his physical and emotional reaction as the wave passes through the cells of his body, and everything that exists. He details the effects on the elemental kingdom, as the beauty of this celestial energy transforms our world forever. Galactic beings from […]

La Luminista 036 – Gaia: The Universal Beacon

The client connects to the energy of Gaia. He witnesses Gaia as a catalyst for ascension within the universe, and watches the paradigm shift unfold. We discover that Gaia has become the centre point for creation, and will become the headquarters for the Galactic Federation of Light.