I began a soul focused path over 30 years ago. My life as I know it began when my soul walked into this body.  At the time the original soul was 13 years of age.

Our blended souls spent decades co-creating the healing needed from years of childhood sexual, mental and emotional abuse. The birth soul has recently left the body, leaving me to accomplish my soul mission.

I am blessed to be of two worlds. While having experienced a multitude of physical lives, I also retain memories of a higher dimensional existence. I am a divine expression of Lumina, Elohim of the 2nd Ray of wisdom, omniscience, understanding and illumination. I am here to awaken, enlighten, and to be a catalyst within humanity. I lived in Lemuria as a high priestess within the sacred temples of higher learning, where I assisted others as a teacher of consciousness and self-discovery.

I continue that role in this lifetime, as a spiritual mentor and guide to humanity’s higher consciousness. My desire is to resurrect the pure loving energy of Lemuria that resides within each of us. May love conquer all darkness within our souls so that we may witness heaven on earth.

Donation Model

Higher guidance has prompted me to offer all of my services on a gratitude donation basis. This concept is based on a 5th Dimensional paradigm of infinite abundance. Your loving support and gratitude for my work is gratefully accepted. A very sincere thank you for your donation.