La Luminista 005 – Preparing for Galactic Contact, Contract of a Walk-In, Lemurian Shapeshifter & Teacher

In this QHHT session, I learn that I am part of a reconnaissance mission to prepare humanity for ascension and for galactic contact. I collect data to allow various galactic groups to assist humanity for their greater good.

I receive confirmation of my contract as a soul walk-in. I anchored myself into the body at the age of thirteen. One of my contracts includes helping the original soul heal from years of childhood trauma.

I see myself as mermaid in Lemuria. I watch as I shapeshift into a human at will. I come from a lineage of consciousness teachers within the temple. I assist the souls to the light as Lemuria meets its demise.

I offer my gratitude and appreciation to Laurie Belisle, a fellow Quantum Healing Hypnosis Facilitator, who guided me through my session and has allowed me to share our time together.

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