La Luminista 004 – Pandora’s Box, New Earth Portal, Trump & The Goddess

In this QHHT session the client is visited by her inner child to show her how to release the baggage of her childhood that she refers to as “Pandora’s Box”. She transforms the darkness of her current world, and paints a new and colourful landscape to allow her to move forward in life.

She sees herself in lifetimes as an Egyptian goddess and as a female Amazon warrior, reminding her of the powerful goddess energy that is within her. When she is beheaded in one of those lifetimes, she witnesses the healing power within her to save herself.

The client goes on a journey to the New Earth, describing her journey through the portal from the old Earth to the lush and green new Earth. She is reminded that the movement through the portal is a choice, and not predetermined. She describes the role that Trump is playing during this time of humanity’s awakening.