La Luminista 003 – Miracles of a Wiseman & the Eco Energy Inventor

In this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session, the client experiences a past life as a travelling healer and teacher. He discovers that he is a channel for divine wisdom and loving healing energies. The client witnesses the power of God work through him, to return life to a man on the verge of death.

The client gets a glimpse 15 years into the future in this lifetime. He is an inventor of clean energy devices that create unlimited free energy. These devices are used anywhere in the home or business where electricity is required. One of his inventions cleans and purifies water by removing all harmful elements.

The client receives divine assistance from Archangel Michael, who frees him from his lifelong bondage to the past. The client comes to understand what has been holding him back from full expression of who he is as a divine being.