La Luminista 002 – The Overseer of Harmony and Mermaid Tales

In this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session the client discovers that she is a  energetic being overseeing a planet, and creating harmony within every living thing. The client describes how she uses quartz crystals to fulfill her purpose. She describes the various beings on this planet, and how the plants communicate with each other.

The client sees herself in a lifetime as a mermaid. She discovers that she has an important mission as a mermaid in connecting to humanity. Her actions of heroism and selflessness create positive changes within her underwater community of merpeople.

The client meets with her grandfather in spirit, who is now her spirit guide. She finds out the ways that he is helping her, and the family dynamics in this current lifetime. He gives her a positive message of encouragement to assist her moving forward in her life.