La Luminista 001 – Soul Families Co-Creating The New Earth

As this Quantum Hypnosis session begins, the client finds herself on New Earth. She witnesses and details the frequency of the energies that are present there. We learn that humanity has developed a close and harmonious relationship with Nature. Life has become simple and worry-free.

The client describes the 5th Dimensional community that she has co-created with her soul family. We learn the importance of reuniting with our soul family prior to the shift. Creativity has become a focal point for living.

She is shown how the galactic families assist in healing the newcomers to the New Earth. The healing technologies work to balance all aspects of embodiment, to allow the body to fully adjust to the new environment. Time is needed to fully harmonize and integrate the 5th dimensional frequencies.

The client describes what she sees and feels as she experiences the moment of the shift from 3D Earth to the New 5th dimensional Earth. Questions about lifestyle, healing, technology, and our relationship to our star families, are discussed.