Channeling To The Non-Believers

What else is it that you are waiting for? The voice of God to boom through the ethers? Open your eyes! All three of them! Do you not yet see? Take the blinders to truth off of your being. Take the shackles from your brain. It is here! In this moment. The New Age has dawned, but you were sleeping. Or you were looking the other way.

Expectations can be a treacherous thing. They can often lead you astray and blind you to the truth of your own existence. The changes have come. They are already here. And yet so many still believe that nothing has happened. That nothing has changed.

Step away from your noise boxes that constrain your freedom and LOOK! There is nothing but change that surrounds you. Ahh, but then you have a choice. One of the marvels of humankind is that you have a choice. Choice can be a whimsical thing. It can lead one astray. It can change on a dime. And it can be a powerful option for magnificent change.

How you use it will determine the outcome of your existence. There are many that simply roll the dice and allow Master Fate to play out in their lives. Do you not know that by not making a conscious choice, that you are still making a choice? This is not your most empowered option. Take the reins and CHOOSE! Choose to see the divine truth that surrounds you. Choose to see the divine truth within you. It is one and the sameā€¦LOVE!

The Earth is made of love and nothing else. Anything to the contrary is null and void in this and every now moment. You are made of love and nothing else. All else is a distraction from this truth. Are you living a lie and distraction?

When you choose to focus on love and oneness, then you are living your divine truth. Be done with the outer distractions and come back to yourself. If you believe that all is love and oneness, then that is all that you shall see and experience. Choose the New Earth and allow the old to crumble. Allow the negative ego to crumble with it. Choose from the heart before all else, and know that love is here to stay.

Message from My Higher Self.

Channelled by Arya