Loving Without Conditions

You would say that we often love too much. Is that a possibility? Only when it endangers our own spiritual path and development. If we give ourselves over to love conditionally. That we want the other to change, to be different to suit our own needs, our own choices, our own objectives. That is not love.

The “love” that we speak of is driven by fear, and lack and loneliness. If you feed someone true unconditional love they flourish. They rise to meet your expectations, even though you truly have none. You offer the love to bless them, to gift them of the divine. To offer them a stepping stone that they may find their way, through the darkness, the heaviness, the absorption of their own sadness that takes them into the depths of their despair. Again, all illusion.

When love is pure it is a celebration of joy. It is a marriage between two people, no matter the situation. And it is acknowledged by heaven, and by those that look upon you from the higher realms. Allow yourself to feed others with love, knowing that they in the receiving of it, they will be blessed with courage, with understanding, and bear witness to all that they are.

This loving detachment that you speak of is really this unconditional giving of the love that is readily available at all times and in all situations. It is about not giving yourself over to expectations. Not expecting others to mold to your liking. We would not ask the sun to shine a certain way. The moon to glow a certain way. We accept it as it is, and accept it’s blessings.

May you receive the blessings that the learning and the wisdom from those around you that you see in pain. Acknowledging their godhood, and blessing them for their teaching. You would not notice those things that you do not need to learn yourself, and then bless them with your love. Thank them with your love. Respond with love. They are brilliant stars that light up the darkness, even though it may not always appear to be so.

Have faith in them. Trust that they know their way, as do you. And when you need to step back to find your own space, your own balance, to come into your own heart, know that they will not flounder without you. They are on the precipice of true understanding. The darkness always gives way to the light when the intention is clear.

Celebrate. Celebrate all aspects of the journey, but judge none. All. Is. Divinely. Perfect. And you know this. And you feel this. Dissolve the doubt. It has no purpose, no place. Be light. See light. Be love.

In love we leave you,

Divine Mother