Lady Amethyst

We’re very encouraged at your wanting to know more, learn more. But why is it that you travel just a few steps, part way up the mountain of your dreams, and then stop? You stall yourself at the foundation of the mountain, when there is so much more. You know of course, that the vistas are always best viewed from the top, the summit of the mountain. So why do you delay these beautiful vistas within your life, by remaining in the foothills?

Allow your dreams to soar, your feelings to soar. Grow, and spread your wings of determination to get to the summit, and really enjoy…in-joy, your existence. You’re stunting yourselves in this fashion by not allowing your imaginations to soar as well.

There is nothing that you cannot have that you desire, and nothing too great for you to want, if it brings you joy, and a sense of wonder and freedom. What is it that you desire? What gives you that sense of freedom?

Take off your blinders. They are preventing you, whether you know or not, from reaching the summit. And take off those heavy, heavy boots of sadness and negativity, and walk to the summit, or fly if you prefer. But do it without the boots, without the heaviness, but in bare feet, feeling every step, and your connection to nature and all that supports you.

You only have as far to go, as you think and feel you have to go. You could already be at the summit enjoying the vistas, the sense of freedom, the sense of peace, the joy and harmony with all that is. Let go of the layers of determined attachment to sorrow, to negative outcomes, and flow…flow with the divine. Don’t sensor it, flow with it, knowing that all that is, is for you.

But first you have to know what it is that you desire, and why you desire it. If you desire it, and it still limits you, what purpose is there in that, of wanting those things of limitation? The material can be wonderous, a beautiful home for you to live in, things that you can add to your home to bring you joy, but be sure that it doesn’t also burden you.

Having too many things that don’t bring you joy, only add to your burden, your feeling of being tied to things that are not of the divine. Know there is no judgement in this, for all is learning and understanding, and the way to embrace and live through your heart. Even feelings of contentment can actually be limiting.

Why not be more than content? Why not live in wonder, and allow your aspirations to float among the clouds? We dare you to dream out loud! Dream with purpose! Dream with intent! The universe loves when you dream! The universe loves a challenge, to bring to you all that you desire! Then put your hands out to receive it, and know…know that it is coming. You are here for this! You are here to realize your full potential, within the divine!

Message from Lady Amethyst, Archangel of the 7th Ray of the violet flame of transmutation and spiritual alchemy.

Channelled by Arya