Client starts life as a Blue Being on another planet

During this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session, my client comes down onto another planet that is not Earth. She quickly realises that all of the plants and flowers are connected to her in consciousness. She is a different being than the humans on Earth and she has light blue skin and a lighter form with huge blue eyes. She is also telepathic and does not need to eat.

After we spend time on her planet, she then moves to a spaceship and travels the Universe with her Cosmic Family. She explains how they communicate and that they can communicate telepathically via thought. Their craft is also a Sentient being and is controlled by their thoughts.

Eventually she progresses through evolution to forming a completely connected consciousness with the other beings and they become one connected ball of energy that thinks and feels as one.

My client then flies around the Universe experiencing her new found abilities as an energy without a body, eventually stumbling upon a beautiful planet which she recognises as Earth.

This is a 45 minute excerpt from a 2 hour hypnosis session.